365 Day Challenge

365 Day Challenge

I love coming up with essential oil blends (my potions) so much but I don’t make enough time to do so. I have quite a collection of essential oils and I am eager to discover firsthand their unique properties. I figure since it is the new year, I would come up with a “challenge” for myself to really get into the oils, especially the ones I don’t usually use. For the first blend (1-1-21) I went with oils that I am familiar with, because I wanted to make a blend that was a harbinger of a 2021 filled with connection to Spirit (Cardamom - Elettaria cardamomum), moving from what is to what is possible (Bergamot - Citrus bergamia), and abundance in every facet of my life (Cedarwood Atlas - Cedrus atlantica). I diffused 4, 5, and 3 drops (respectively) . For more information on the intuitive aspect of aromatherapy, I like to go to Suzanne R Banks’ book Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils. Her book really promotes the playful aspect of aromatherapy, which I incorporate with the “heady” science.


Aromatic profile: Spicy 42%, Woody 32%, Citrus 26%.


And, for those interested in this blend’s chemical breakdown:

  • Monoterpenes 30.9%
  • Esters 27.39%
  • Sesquiterpenes 21.97%
  • Oxides 11.12%
  • Monoterpenols 5.12%
  • Ketones 1.42%
  • Others 1.27%
  • Sesquiterpenols 0.53%
  • Aldehydes 0.29%


These chemicals supports wellness for the following systems: Digestive, Circulatory/Lymphatic, Immune/Infection, Muscular/Skeletal, and Neurological and are Balancing, Energizing, and Meditative.

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