Whether it's questioning our own abilities (imposter syndrome), or feeling like our fate is in the hands of others, or downright issues with those who had control over our lives growing up, it all comes down to authority. Are we an authority? Do I have to answer to that authority? Who do I place as authority figures in my life? And our relationship with authority.


The third name of God, Al Malik, is translated as "King," "Master," or "Owner." I have no real understanding of being ruled by a King. As far as Master, what comes to mind is my own desire to master a subject (like the MFA I have). And, as for Owner, I sorta own a home (mortgage) and for me, that comes with so much more responsibility than freedom... So understanding what Al Malik means took some time. I knew I wanted the oil to be Laurel Leaf aka Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis) because I had this image of a King with his crown, and during Roman-Greco times, crowns for the victorious were made from laurel leaves. Furthermore, Laurel Leaf is composed of chemicals from nearly all of the major chemical groups - terpenes, esters, alcohols, oxides and phenols - that for me, it's offers an entire "kingdom" of therapeutic effects.


Meditating with Laurel Leaf and Ya Malik, what came to me was this understanding of, this surrendering to, God as our True Authority. Not another person. If we are meant for something (a job, a relationship, a house...) no human can keep us from it if it is what God ordained for us. And, conversely, if it isn't meant for us, then no human power - including our own - can make it happen. Same with authority that comes from an institution - (a school, body of knowledge). Remembering that our talents, our expertise, and our gifts come from God helps us be right-sized. We are who we are - neither inferior or superior. We know what we know.


I hope meditating on Ya Malik with Laurel Leaf provides you with a similar sense of comfort.


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