Hi there. It's been a long time since I posted. I found a few more resources to read on the 99 Divine Names, which I wanted to incorporate for Al 'Aziz, and that took some time. This project is such a labor of love - and a work in progress - that I am finding my way through it as I go along. And as I go, I grow, meet new people, join different gatherings, find new books, all which I would like to incorporate. I actually met (one in real life and one online) two Sufi women who live in my neighborhood. It is so interesting how the more specific I am about what I want to put into the world - which is the interplay of Sufism and Aromatherapy - the more people like-minded (like-hearted!) people I meet. Allaha şükür!


One thing I have been thinking about is our relationship with the Divine Names. As we meditate upon these Divine Names, these divine attributes of God, we are not trying to become God or become independent of God or usurp God's attributes (as if that would be possible...). Rather, we are trying to activate these qualities that are already inherent in us. And by getting a glimpse of these qualities within us, we can 1) appreciate and praise that so much more in God and 2) offer that part of ourselves in service to others.


The Divine Name Al 'Aziz points to God as Almighty, All Powerful. Meditating on Ya 'Aziz, and the omnipotence of God, we become empowered. Empowered to live our truth - to face our truth, honor our truth, speak our truth, and ultimately live our truth. Our unique self is a gift from God. A gift that, I know for myself, I sometimes feel intimidated or insecure to share. But meditating on Ya 'Aziz provides the strength I need - strength without arrogance, power without pride. The power of Al 'Aziz has an underlying sweetness.


I chose Cinnamon Leaf (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) because, as you probably can attest, cinnamon is quite strong, quite powerful, but also sweet. It evokes what I am trying to describe with words. I am diffusing it as I write this post, and I hope you give it a try as well. Diffuse Cinnamon Leaf, and with one hand on the heart, repeat Ya 'Aziz.


Cinnamon Leaf is a warming oil, used for poor circulation, scanty periods, nervous exhaustion. It moves energy. It bolsters confidence. Please use extra caution with this oil and best not to use it topically.


Resources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 14, 15

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