About Me

I feel like I have lived many lives in just this one lifetime. In my 20s I was a documentary filmmaker, having earned an MFA in Film, TV, and Digital Media from UCLA. In my 30s I moved to DC to attend Georgetown Law School, during which I got married and had my son. I graduated and took the bar exam on my 40th birthday! I've kept my "day job" to support my family and support this site. My dream is to completely transition to a full time aromatherapist and writer.

Level 2 Aromatherapist

I discovered essential oils through my yoga classes and I absolutely fell in love. They are like nature in a bottle. They invoke and evoke so many different feelings, memories, and hard-to-explain responses in me. I definitely feel the effect of them. To learn more about them, I decided to go through an aromatherapy training program, and that's where I took a deep dive into the chemical constituents and topical applications. I am a Level 2: National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) Certified Professional Aromatherapist®, having attended and graduated from a NAHA approved Level 2 aromatherapy training program, for a minimum 200 hours. For me, I love making meditation blends - bringing what you are yearning for through essential oils and into a blend. I love learning more about these magnificent oils, and just PLAYING and using my intuition.

I am also drawn to the Sufi path. Perhaps it's in my genes?

My beloved great-aunt, Nazik Erik, was a Sufi teacher and prolific writer. My father & step-mother lead a Sufi academy in Turkey. Although we all follow different Pirs (teachers), we are on the same path toward the Beloved. As I continued on this path, I discovered that our Beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH also loved fragrance. At the same time, I was diver deeper into the 99 Divine Names of Allah. That's when I decided to write a book -99 Divine Fragrances- which combines these two loves.

This Site

I started this site in 2021 because I needed a structured way to hold myself accountable to really dig into my essential oils. I have several and as you may know, oils have a shelf life, so once opened, they need to be used. I figured if I started a blog it would motivate me to really get into oils that I don't know that much about. And it has. In my blog I share my recipes for you to DIY and also share my thoughts about these oils.

As I practice and play with these essential oils, and as I read and reflect on my experiences with these essential oils, I become a stronger aromatherapist. I love being able to share these treasures with others. As for the jewelry and water trackers, I make them as well. I love handmade jewelry and I design my wears with purpose and intention.

Time passes whether you "follow your bliss" or not, so follow it!

May my life be a testament that you're never too old to start something new. Meditation, movement, and aromatherapy create a power combination to help you connect with your intuition and will. They are great supports that I would like to share with you. You've read all the way through and now know a bit about me. Please feel free to look through these resources or contact me. I would love to hear from you. 🌹💕📿🤲🏻, Yasemin