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Aromatherapy Hydration Tracker

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Fun and functional jewelry for your water bottle! It's been my mission to drink a lot of water. When I can get to the recommended 64 ounces a day, that's great. What I've found is that this accessory really helps and motivates me to track how much I drink. I’ve added genuine lava beads - add a few drops of your essential oils to the lava beads and you’re set. Hydration + Aromatherapy = The Best. You hang it on your water bottle (fits most water bottle types). Each time you finish the bottle, you slide 1 bead up. I have included 4 beads - so that means you can track up to 4 bottles (1 fill and 3 refills). Once you get to the end, all you do is slide all the beads back down to reset it. I chose food grade silicone beads, genuine lava diffuser beads, and water resistant waxed cords. I found through many prototypes (I'm kind of a nerd), that this is the best combination. The tracker is sturdy and can travel anywhere your bottle goes. It is easy to clean: just rinse with warm water (use some mild soap if necessary). And, I love the way they look on a water bottle. They make me smile... The beads are 9mm, and the tracker is approx. 12-14 inches in length. Since these are handmade, there may be slight variations.