The fourth name of God is Al Quddus, defined as "The Holy" and "The Sacred." One of the things I try to remember when reading about the names of God is that at first they may seem to be describing a noun, but they also describe a verb. Meaning, God is so beyond our human comprehension that we would be limiting God if we viewed God simply as a noun - a being. God also includes verbs - forces and states of being. (And so much more...)


In his book The Sufi Book of Life:99 Pathways of the Heart for the Modern Dervish, Neil Douglas-Klotz describes the state cultivated by Al Quddus as "Sacred Space." What really struck me was this observation: of the most difficult spiritual practices in modern life: creating space for ourselves simply to be. This is not the same as stopping and dissolving into exhaustion...


Totally resonates with me. Other than my yoga practice and my bike rides - where I am doing - I really haven't made space for myself for just being. Until now. Until I kicked my son out of our shared office. LOL. (Not as harsh as it sounds, but true.)


During the pandemic, my family has been on total lockdown. Remote learning, working from home, zoom yoga, ordering in... My ten-year old have been sharing an office - which was a times very intense (let's just put it this way, he's probably the grossest and sweetest officemate I have ever had. A lot of farting, but also a lot of hugs and kisses.) Anyway, we had been sharing this office, which also doubled as a yoga space, and tripled as a place for me to keep my essential oils, and quadrupled as a place for me store my crafts... Now that school's out for summer (hooray!), I have kicked him out and MADE IT ALL MINE. It has become my sacred space. My sanctuary.


An essential oil that promotes that sense of sanctuary is Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens). Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood or Sacred Tree, has been used for centuries to clear negativity, purify, and connect with the sacred. Perfect for this meditation.


Please read AromaWeb's discussion for more information on the conservation status of Palo Santo and the importance of purchasing it from reputable suppliers who support the sustainability of this tree.

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